Understanding the screening process and temperatures allowed from the entry level thermal scanner being use to screen people.

Make sure you do the screening process right.

There guidelines which must be followed before you can let people into your building.

Which mean that as an electrical contractor... you cannot just load the tools and head to site... make sure you screen your staff and have all the correct PPE before you head to site.

Make sure you are familiar with the correct procedures for the company you are going to work.

There is a document with the guidelines ...i dont have it on me right now but i will (or someone who has it) post attach it for everyone to see.

I have been working during the lockdown... but now that everyone is heading back to work there are a lot more people in the factories etc ...i decided to head back to the office and get my shyte together and fill out all the correct paper work and follow the procedure.

Some companies require you wear a face shield and clot mask ...other just a cloth mask.