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Thread: L Johnson on Road Safety Regulations allegations

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    L Johnson on Road Safety Regulations allegations

    Media statement 22 February 2007

    Since the accident that took place on 14 February 2007 around 09h00 on the N3 North Band, near Pavilion, there have been speculation and assumption that the MEC for Public Works was travelling in a convoy of five vehicles at high speed, disregarding Road Safety Regulations. It is regrettable that the manner in which this matter was reported has created an impression of recklessness and being inconsiderate of other road users.

    The MEC wish to put the record straight that:

    1. The MEC was travelling with two vehicles, her personal car and one back up car.
    2. The cars were not driving at a high speed as there was a high traffic volume at that time; therefore it was impossible to drive at a high speed.
    3. The MEC cars were caught in the pile up as there were two cars in the front.

    The MEC is grateful that no one died or severely injured. Those who sustained minor injuries were her drivers and were treated and discharged same day. The MEC is committed to adherence of Road Safety Regulations.

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    I'm sorry, but I find this media release a bit odd.

    Why so long after the event?
    Since when did high traffic volumes stop speedsters who don't respect other road users anyway?
    Even if there were only two cars in the convoy - Both cars crashed?

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    maybe i shouldnt say this on a forum but it is alleged that they get a KICK out of driving at high speed the one you get if you are trvelling at 300km per hour on a motor cycle...even better if there is a bit of traffiic because it adds a little challenge and your adrenaline really gets pumping...their cars a normally big 4x4s... chances are if you are in a golf or polo or any other small car you know who will come off second best...and dont forget they are "public servants " so they are rushing to attend to the needs of the nation you should be pulling over to the side of the road and bowing to them as they drive past

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    Quote Originally Posted by murdock View Post
    you should be pulling over to the side of the road and bowing to them as they drive past
    There is a snowballs chance in hell of that happening, one rule doesn't allow for different interpretations in regards to who you work for!

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