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Thread: Labour on Bogus Unemployment Insurance Fund officials

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    Labour on Bogus Unemployment Insurance Fund officials

    Bogus Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) officials prey on claimants 10 December 2007

    Renewed claims of conmen posing as Unemployment Insurance Fund officials and tricking unsuspecting Fund beneficiaries into paying for non-existent services have prompted the UIF to caution members of the public.

    In a statement today, Wednesday, the UIF emphasised that its services are for free and obtained only at Labour centres.

    According to UIF Spokesperson Kgomotso Sebetso, the phoney officials have been conning claimants into paying money for UIF services away from the Labour centres.

    The UIF was established solely to provide temporary financial relief to unemployed workers during the difficult times of unemployment. The only money to be received by the Fund was the monthly contributions expected to be made by employers on behalf of their workers.

    "The contributions are made up of one percent deduction from the worker's salary and another one percent from the employer, making a total of two percent that is to be paid to the UIF.

    "Any money paid for different reasons is considered fraud and we urge our people to report anyone who claim to be working for the UIF and seeking financial compensation for their services", Sebetso emphasised.

    He said there was also a worrying trend by certain employers who continue to make the UIF deductions, but fail to forward the money to the UIF. "We want to urge workers to immediately report such employers to the Department of Labour," he added.

    The public is urged to call the UIF call centre at 012 337 1680 for further information.

    Meanwhile Sebetso has warned the workers that it was theft to continue drawing UIF benefits whilst in employment. "The law is very clear that UIF benefits are for unemployed workers only and those that are earning a monthly salary are prohibited from receiving any money from the Fund", added Sebetso.

    The Fund was losing millions of rands as result of such unlawful practices.

    Sebetso said anyone found guilty of such an unlawful act would be prosecuted. He urged fellow workers and members of the public to report anyone drawing an income replacement from the UIF while employed through the UIF Fraud Hotline at 080 060 1148 or the UIF E-mail Hotline at

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