Good day

Please can I get some advice as to the best way forward regarding my arbitration award.

I was successful with a arbitration award but have been unsuccessful full in getting mu employer to honor the award. My company is in the hands of the new owner who refuses to acknowledge that as per section 197 and the company being purchased as concern, makes the new owner responsible for any labour disputes. I have used up all the avenues available including approaching the High court to obtain a compulsory liquidation award.

This issues started in June 2018 and the obtained the award in November 2018. I have researched my options and feel that I should seek the assistance of the Labour court.

Since some of you are well learned regarding labour issues, please can you provide me with input as to what the best action would be. Also can you give me the maximum time frame it would take to resolve this issue using your suggestions.

Note that I was never taken into a disciplinary hearing for charges brought against me and I was also unlawfully arrested and jailed for two days without being charged. I currently have issued league proceedings against certain organs of state.

Thank you in advance

Kind regards