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Thread: Is your team data fit?

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    Is your team data fit?

    The speed at which your team can accurately pass data between each other, capture it and generate reports, determines their data fitness.

    Many SME businesses see data capturing as a one man activity, which often results in only a few people caring about the data, or even worse massive resource waste in the form of duplicate capturing (for instance your sales reps quotes on one system and when the quote is accepted the finance team recaptures the same data on the accounting system). In this way data becomes expensive and inefficient.

    2 years ago we embarked on a quest. Our mission: To proof that Pastel Partner and Pastel Xpress can be used as a full ERP system. Why did we do it? Because we want to help SME businesses grow.

    Our findings: Yes Pastel can!

    Today we are so happy that we took on this journey. Now we can help many SME companies who use Pastel to enhance their data fitness and use Pastel as their primary source of data, eliminating waste whilst improving data capturing and reporting efficiency.

    What are your thoughts on data fitness, especially within SME's?

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