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Thread: attachment point for neutral

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    attachment point for neutral

    Hello everyone:

    Hoping you can help me out. I am an Electrical Contractor in Canada and have a question about your South African methods of doing work as well as questions at times regarding your Electrical Code. I have purchased a copy of Sans 10142 latest edition however although the rules are there regarding installations, obviously the method is not. The questions regard electrical work in eSwatini and I believe they are governed by your South African code.

    1. When a neutral is brought into a single phase distribution box, I understand that both the hot and neutral must go through the main over-current device so that it can provide a easily located point of isolation for the incoming power. If a circuit of outlet sockets is needed in this DB then an RCD is required for that circuit. Does the neutral connection point of the RCD get its reference from the neutral bar or is it jumpered from the neutral point at the main isolator?

    2. I understand that a 3phase panel is not required to have the neutral isolated like that of the 1phase but only the hot conductors. What about the connections of the neutral to the RCD in this case? Can the incoming neutral go to the RCD and then to the buss or must the neutral go directly to the buss?

    3. Regarding grounding, when a supply is private and a kiosk is used that has been grounded using earthing rods, do you re-establish ground at the DB with rods again, grounding the neutral to earth and then just use the reference from the kiosk as a bond connection?

    Your thoughts and answers are appreciated. I may be easier to describe the process completely but I will leave that up to you. I might add that in Canada the neutral goes to the neural buss only. Any requirement for a neutral is then attached to the neutral buss.



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    The SANS code is based on the IEC and the principles are pretty much the same everywhere.
    Generally you would put the main neutral on the bus and then from the bus take your neutrals out and to the RCD.
    From the RCD you would then go to a separate independent bus

    The earthing of the neutral would only happen in one place , generally at the incoming supply or star point of the transformer.
    In our regulations only the supplier may earth the neutral - in a broad terms.

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