1. I work for a Meat Retailer/Wholesaler - we currently use pastel express for our accounting system (the Company Owner has 3 other businesses that are on the pastel system as well) on the wholesale side and IQ on the retail side. Currently the Wholesale side and Retail side are two separate registered entities and we are looking at using one system for both companies.

In your opinions which will be the better of the two systems we are currently using to integrate to, obviously costs will be involved as the current IQ package is not the full package and will cost approximately R8000 to open the package fully and we do not have as yet the add on POS for pastel which I requested a quote for today and received at approximately R6500.

2. What other accounting/pos systems are on the market that could perhaps be as efficient as the two above but are more reasonable?

Looking forward to responses.

Gail S