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Thread: Inventory Journal Import

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    Inventory Journal Import

    Good day

    I am trying to import an inventory journal on pastel to recognise my stock on hand quantities. With my first few attempts I received specific errors per line, which I have all corrected.
    After this I saved the file in csv. format..... Now when trying to import the journal, I receive the following message:

    Line 0: Undetectable error (Type mismatch)

    When closing this error I also further receive a Runtime error.
    I am currently using Pastel v18.

    Attached is the csv. file that I need to import. stock on hand import.csv
    Any advice?

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    Delete a few columns to the right from column H onwards, as well as delete a few rows down from row 255 onwards.

    Even though they appear empty, there might be some invisible characters in them.

    Then save the file and try again.
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    A few possible things to check:

    Inventory codes can't contain blank spaces - line 1 10-15.appoll - has 2 spaces after it, before the comma - you need to delete the spaces. (Line 94 as well).
    Inventory Journal imports have a 20 character description - use the left command in excel to take the first 20 characters, then paste the values back over your description before you save as csv again.
    Items with no cost - I think they should be reflected as 0, not -
    Ensure your system is setup to allow negative quantities as you are taking -ve's in on the journal

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