Hi there,

I have a 3-Phase Prepaid Municipal Supply in my house which I bought about 12 months ago. The DB board is dated and a cable nightmare and I'm in the process of having my DB Board rewired as a precursor to an Inverter with PV and Battery Backup installation.

My usage at peak is around 35A and way below a 63A single phase supply and I have no 3-phase specific equipment. I have some loads spread across the 3-phases such as oven, geyser and aircon but would like to move everything onto the same phase effectively making 2 phases redundant.

I have taken a look at SANS 10142 but I am not clear on how to leave these unconnected and would want to keep the Sparky honest during the rewiring.
Basically I have a 4-Pole Isolator feeding a 4-Pole CB as Mains with only one live wired through from the 4-Pole CB to a E/L unit.

Is it allowed to leave the other 2 phases switched on since both isolator and CB are single switches each with no load connected?