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Thread: wiring methods

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    wiring methods

    hi there all
    just like to ask a quetion
    is it wrong to wire a plug circuit through the conduits and loop in boxes of a light circuit and what regulation covers this please
    thank you

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    It would not be good practice to wire lighting circuits and Socket circuits in the same conduit but the regulations allow different circuits to be wired in a wire way and a conduit is classified as a wire way.

    It gets even more ridiculous when you consider that wire mesh tray is classified as a wire way and you can legally therefore install house wire on a wire mesh tray - We had a client insist on it to save money and refused to do the job if we could not use trunking or conduit.

    The regulations are the minimum standard and manufacture instructions may require more stringent requirements.(5.1 Note 2)

    When doing it there are some regulations that you will need to keep in mind and I have pasted below .

    6.1.4 All the conductors of any circuit shall originate at the same distribution
    6.1.7 If conductors that operate at different voltages run in the same
    wire way, the insulation of each conductor shall be able to withstand the
    highest conductor voltage in the wire way. Alternatively, the conductors shall
    be separated by a continuous barrier of insulating material or earthed metal
    6.1.10 Conductors that form part of a d.c. installation shall not be run in the
    same wire way as conductors that form part of an a.c. installation. The maximum number of single-core cables of a given nominal
    cross-sectional area that may be used in conduit shall be as given in
    table 6.2

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    I'm with GCE, it's not good practice and it usually isn't done that way but it's not illegal. It's the kinda thing a DIY'er would do but I wouldn't expect a professional electrician to work that way unless there was a good reason....


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