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Thread: Run time error 380

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    Run time error 380

    Good day. I am struggeling to create new customer accounts and also to change existing customer details. Each time a try to this it throughs out a run time error 380 on Pastel version 18. I have tried this on multiple pc's but it throughs out the same error. Can you please explain to me, how to fix this.

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    Hi Celeste,

    It is very possible that you have some data corruption in your customer masterfile.

    Please send me a PM to arrange a TeamViewer session so that I can look into it.
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    Hi Celeste

    You can try rebuild the file yourself. Make sure you have a backup of the data and that no-one is in the company you need to work on. Browse in your Pastel18 directory and doubleclick Rebuild32.exe. Browse to your company directory and select the accmasd.dat and the accdeliv.dat files and select rebuild. Once it has completed, click on view and ensure that all records have been recovered. You may drop 1 or 2 records if the file is not badly damaged, but if the rebuild fails, or you drop lots of records, you will either need to restore from a working backup, or have a consultant assist you. After the rebuild check that you can edit the customers, and then run a data integrity check to confirm that the rest of the database is intact.

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