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    Good afternoon All

    Wondering if anyone can assist me as I might have to contact SARS should no other option work.

    I have just started at a new company as the previous accountant unfortunately passed away.

    She had submitted the EMP501 previously which was about 9MIL.
    However, we have no idea or do not have any access or rather can't find any of the information she submitted.
    All we found was a excel list of employees/staff which shows the PAYE deducted etc.
    This is all great as it all reconciles with the figure she submitted.
    Everything is correct to an A.
    Funny thing is ,we have people requesting their certificates but where it is,nobody knows.
    We found one folder which contains a few but not nearly as much as the amount we submitted.
    I have then managed to log into her E-filing and exported the submission she did.
    However this is also not generating or giving me all the certificates.
    We do not have any back ups and like I said ,It all balances to what was submitted and paid over to SARS.
    Is there any way I can check and see or find out where this is or if SARS will be able to assist me and give me copies of the submissions?

    I will appreciate any help or advise.


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    The staff requesting their IRP5's... ask them if it appears on their IT12? If yes, then they can get it off there...those that need to file a return.
    Other alternative would be to just re-submit.
    I'm not sure if SARS will give you copies of the IRP5's. SARS will be able to confirm that it was submitted.
    always fear when Christel is near....

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