Hi everybody

My name is Sihle from Durban working for a company called Unitrade Medical. We supply medical products to hospitals in and around the whole of South Africa.

We use Pastel Accounting to process orders which is why I am here. I am new to this Pastel world and would need help.

We using Pastel Partner Version 17 Build 17.1.1

Everything was working fine until this morning when I try to open one of the companies it says "The company was last opened in
Pastel Partner Version 17.1.2 and cannot be opened in the current version."

I think one of the client machines opened the company using version 17.1.2 whereas most of the other machines are using version 17.1.1 even the server machine uses version 17.1.1

Please help, how do we revert back to opening the company on version 17.1.1?

Sihle Mjoli