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Herewith seeking guidance on how to handle Overtime; Sunday/Public holidays compensation. Overtime is paid at a rate of 1.5 of normal time thus for every 60 min overtime worked, 90min should be given as paid time off (if not paid monetarily and must be agreed between employee/employer).

Should an employee work full day i.e 8hrs on a public holiday or a sunday is it possible to have a policy that gives time off rather than compensate the employee, if possible would the employer grant the employee paid time off double the normal hours (meaning two working days off) or can it just be
one normal work day?

We are trying to curb the overtime payments and public/sunday (double) payments. what is best?

We run a filling/service station with 3 shifts 06H00 - 14H00; 14H00 - 10H00; 10H00 - 06H00.
6 days of normal work week (Monday - Saturday).