Hi All,

I need some advice.

My husband's works for a dent removal specialist - a privately owned company. Sadly, none of the owner's employees have been paid for December 2018. At first the owner said they will get paid on the 14th, then on the 21st (when their workplace closed for the holidays), then he said on the 24th of Dec 2018. When my husband's colleagues tried to follow up by calling or messaging; the man would switch his phone off. Out of curiosity, I went on to Facebook to see what this man looked like, since I've never met him. Low and behold, the man and his family is in Seychelles and none of his workers have been paid. I've even taken screen grabs of the pictures and check-ins in case he decides to delete the pictures; or privatize his profile; just so I can show my husband when I get home from work today.
Is there anything the workers can do? They've heard empty promise after empty promise for almost 2 weeks now. Undoubtedly some of them probably couldn't have the Christmas they envisioned themselves having; all the while this man is on some tropical island holiday. Many of them don't plan on going back to work for this man in the new year.

I am disappointed, disgusted ; just plain speechless at the gall of it all.

Is there anything my husband and his colleagues can do to get their money from this man (because his word/promise has no worth)?

Thank you