I've supported Pastel Partner products (accounting and payroll) for 27 years.
I remember seeing a poster at one of my client's offices "Just when you think you know all the answers, they change the questions".
As much as I am trying to migrate my clients to a different platform, I still have a 20+ year relation with existing Pastel users.

A problem creeping up more an more often is clients on older Pastel versions (on perpetual licences) are upgrading hardware.
The initial install and registration had absolutely no issues. Pastel registered, added companies and the client was working.
Windows 10 then installed an update, and now Pastel doesn't show companies.

- uninstalled and reinstall both Pastel and Pervasive (choosing Run as Administrator)
- refreshed registration
- checked User Account Control settings
- added the registry entry "EnableLinkedConnections" as recommended on this Forum

The waste of time frustrates me, the next step is to run a system restore - but what happens when the next update installs?