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    Power on Request


    Thought i would upload a form that we use and find it useful to control the switching on of power to circuits when doing contracts.
    Does nor matter whether the contract is small or large , all electrical contractors should be using something to prevent comebacks.

    We are busy with a fast food franchise hand over and it amazed me how the Aircon contractor kicked up a fuss about signing our form.Fortunately the consultants understand exactly where were coming from and backed us up.

    Our reasoning behind the request is to stop the cases when , especially aircon contractors, turn around afterwards and say you should not have switched on because they had not check connections and directions. Because we as the electrical contractor turned on power they now want to hold us responsible for damage.

    When we give them the form it always amazes me how they still need to run checks before they will sign.

    It also prevents them trying to claim delay time - Always a quick one on site to blame the electrician for not giving them power , yet when they need to sign they are generally not ready for power.The date that they sign can always be referenced back to.

    We use it in shopping centre installation's when all the tenant fit out's start as it slows down the chaos and ensures that registered contractors are used - Also helps put together the handover pack of COC's - As the main electrical contractor working over a shopping center you are in effect the "supplier "until the centre is handed over
    We put a red dot sticker under the CB to show that they requested power on and yellow dot once the coc is received - Every couple of days you just turn off all the CB's missing yellow dots - Suddenly COC's start raining down.Saves phone calls.

    We adjust the form to suit the site we are working on, but ensure that we have something to cover ourselves -
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