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    installation rate

    Good day, I need help I'm new in the business I must go quote a costumer for fault finding on faulty lights in big estate. What do I put into consideration how do I build up the quote please advise 2 is the a rate card from the council that I can use as guide thanks

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    There's no 'rate card'. I personally don't quote for fault finding as it's a complete unknown, I get the customer to agree to an hour of labour at my usual rate and spend that hour fault finding. If before the end of the hour I've found the fault I'll quote separately for the repair unless it's an easy fix that doesn't need materials in which case I'll just do the repair. If I haven't found the fault I present the customer with an appraisal of how far I've got and how long it might take and it's up to them if the work continues.


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    As a cannot quote to do fault finding on a live installation.

    However the going rate for an electrician to fault find is between R350 and around R850...depends of how good you are...the saying you get what you true even when it comes to quality of workmanship...chances are the person charging R350 will take drop off a team of suitably qualified staff who will take a good part of the whole day to trying figue out what they looking for...the R850 guy will have a good idea of what he is looking for...because of his qualifications and experience.

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