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Thread: CC Ownership transfer

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    CC Ownership transfer


    I would like to know if I purchase 100% membership in a CC what documents need to be submitted to CIPC to for this to happen , Also does the current accounting officer of the cc need to give his consent to the sale ? ( does the accounting officer need to do the transfer ?). If transfer occurs but registered address and postal address are still the old cc members address does this make the transfer void?

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    The CIPC registered "customer" needs to provide:
    A signed CK2 form, generated by CIPC after he has done a preliminary submission.
    Certified copies of ID documents of the resigning member, the new member and the CIPC customer. Certification may not be older than 3 months.
    A written instrument signed by all members including the new members consenting to the changes - it can be in the form of minutes, agreement, resolution etc, certified as a true copy of the original.
    A letter or minute mandating the Customer to do the submission. It must be signed by appointed members as well as resigning members.

    A change of membership does not require anything from the Accounting Officer.

    CIPC, if all is well, will process the submission within a day or two; it is really quick.

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