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Thread: VAT on costs recovered incurred in GBP

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    VAT on costs recovered incurred in GBP

    Our company will attend a summit in Pretoria that is organised by a company in Great Britain. The invoice received for the conference fees are in GBP, and off course do not incur VAT.

    Another South African company will share the costs incurred for the summit with us. I have to invoice them for 50% of the costs.

    Do I charge them VAT?

    The information I was able to get suggests that I cannot charge VAT because it is not our company hosting the event. I will only recover costs incurred.
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    Unless it is an exempted service (and I don't see that it is) you must charge the VAT.

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    As long as the other company is also VAT registered and can make an input VAT claim, if you add VAT to their share of the cost, they're just going to claim it as input VAT and at most there is only a cash flow implication.

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