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Thread: Unemployment rate.

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    Unemployment rate.

    I was just looking at today's A Fact A Day. This one strikes me as odd:
    The unemployment rate (expanded definition) for South Africans with no schooling is 31%. For those whose with at least some schooling, but no degree or diploma, the rate is 41%. (LFS 2006)
    Now hands up who thought it might have been the other way round?
    Perhaps, more interesting, Why?

    Folks not prepared to take jobs "below their station?"
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave A View Post
    Folks not prepared to take jobs "below their station?"
    It also struck me as quite interesting. Possibly not an issue of people not willing to take jobs below their station, so much as employers not willing to employ a person who is "overqualified"?

    I wonder if there are any little things hidden away in the different processes that each type of person may go through to get a job, e.g. referral (my cousin can also mix concrete), versus formal job application process. In some ways school, etc. can condition one into a certain way of approaching a task (e.g. recruitment agency + CV route).
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