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Thread: Gigabye Sabre17G-v8

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    Gigabye Sabre17G-v8

    Hi All.

    If you are looking for a affordable gaming notebook, that has speed performance and good looks, then this is the one for you.

    The Gigabyte Sabre17G-v8, its slim sleek and fast.

    This is a really a good deal, a all in one package.

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    I still laugh when i hear the word notebook laptop and gaming in the same sentence. I am no hardcore gamer, I enjoy older titles and thus my laptop is sufficient for the most part. But even to this day this despite the massive advances for stronger laptops and notebooks like the one you have posted if you compare it to what they are putting out on the desktop side, it comes nowhere near close. Another thing gamers love doing is customising their rig, I cant see that happening with laptops and notepads that easily.

    This is certianly a step in the right direction, this laptop sounds like its can hold its own but i dont think it would be enough for those heavy gamer types.

    I think however we will come to a point where laptops will be on par with desktops in terms of gaming requirements we are just not there yet.
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