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Thread: Tools wat wegraak

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    Tools wat wegraak

    Goeie dag aan almal, ek wil graag weet wat maak julle ouens as julle tools begin wegraak. As dit is agv agterlosigheid? Verhaal julle dit by jul werknemers of skryf julle dit net af?

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    Hi Willie

    My previous boss taught us responsibility by giving us tools, and a list, and once a month we would go through the list of tools assigned to us and we would tick off one by one everything given to us, to which we would have on record. The longer we grew our track record of keeping our tools, the greater discount we would have off a tool that would get lost.

    I hope this helps...

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    Best way is to create an asset register of the tools provided to the employee, and an agreement in which the employee signs receipt of the tools, and that if any tool is missing, that you will replace it with the same quality tool at the cost of the employee.

    In the case that the employee resigns, and returns the tools, the tools are matched against the asset register, and any missing tool, or tool which is provided which is not the same quality as originally supplied will be paid for by the employee.

    To help with "tool Control", a quality tool cabinet shall be provided with a sponge or other manner, in which an employee can quickly pick up if a tool is missing on completion of a job and before driving off to the next one.

    Having all the tools thrown into a tool box, is not going to help identifying when a tool is left behind at a job.

    When I was an apprentice, one of my tasks at the completion of each job, was to clean tools used and placed in the tool box. Nothing like getting to a new site all clean and ready to work, and grabbing a tool full of oil and dust. Besides if you are an electrician, there is nothing like a pissed off client, where you may be working on a recently painted ceiling and installing a light, and dirtying the ceiling with your hands

    Its part of employee etiquette. If you can not keep your tools clean or damage your tools, what does it tell you about the quality of workmanship that is produced by said employee?
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