I read today about a device to reduce your need to chlorinate your pool as much. The Floatron apparently makes use of mineral ions (like copper) instead of chlorine ions to kill of the algae. Chlorine is removed by sunlight, which means it constantly has to be replaced, while these mineral ions last for much longer. If you want a sparkling clear pool you still need to chlorinate a small amount, but up to 80% less than you normally would.

This change represents a huge energy saving as your filter and chlorinater run for far fewer hours in a day.

There are other benefits apart from reduced energy costs. Running the filter and chlorinator for a only a few hours a day reduces lots of wear and tear on expensive equipment, perhaps as much as 80%. Using ionisation to kill bugs means less risk of the pool quickly spinning out of control and going green as the copper ions last 3 weeks compared to chlorine in summer that lasts just a few hours. Now all we really need to buy is a few litres of acid a month to keep the PH between 7.2 and 7.8.

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