I am a driver who has served this company for 11 years. Upon the new acting CEO taking over in around October last year, all the staff were getting short paid.
Eventually I went on annual leave in December. When I returned to work on January 2018, I was told by the acting CEO that I am retrenched. I waited for my papers and my money but nothing materialised. I eventually went to CCMA, where I was told that I did not have anything in writing that I was retrenched and that I had to return to work.
Then I was told once again.that I am no longer in their books. The day after I was contacted and told.they will have a meeting to decide whether I have my job back or not. I.Have not received anything positive up until now. Neither was I paid in 5 months. No.U I 19 forms, nothing for me to move forward. What do I do??

I am Desperate...