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Thread: Maimane lost the plot

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    Maimane lost the plot

    Slightly suffering from foot in mouth disease recently (but let's not go into too much detail here, it's a family show)

    This seems to me, unless I am reading it wrong, to be one of the most pointless endeavors in recent times. So yes, I am a small business owner, and yes, I do struggle to get my municipal and government accounts paid (impossible now because I don't have a BBEEE rating) so much that I blocked their accounts. Some invoices going back more than a year have yet to be paid.

    But only assisting the Small end Medium business' is pointless. I also have LARGE companies that has gone into 120 days now, because they don't get paid on time by the government. So my Small business staff jobs is still at risk. How many of you have read of 'big construction groups' going into bankruptcy? How many is due to late payments by the government? Two of them is on my debtors list. It's a snowball effect. They don't pay someone on time, so the next guy can't pay his debtors on time, and as it trickles down there will eventually be someone who can't pay his staff on time. Wouldn't it make more sense to get an ombudsman to ensure timely payment to ALL the government's suppliers and service providers?

    Maybe I am missing something, in which case I apologize for the rant

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    We all get confused when they talk SME - Remember that an SME is a business that employs up to 200 employees and has an annual turnover not exceeding 64 million , depending on the sector you operate within.

    AN explanation of the different sectors -

    With the DA proposal it will definitely assist everyone with cash flow and hopefully bring back the culture of paying for services rendered on time.

    At the moment the country has got into the culture of paying when i feel like paying and we need to break that cycle .

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