Need help/advice

The pastel accounts of medical practice is setup on payments basis for VAT. They process 1 customer invoice a month to account for billings for the month, the invoice is processed with VAT. Next they process the receipts to this debtors account. When the VAT report is printed only the receipts would be reflected as Output.

Question: Will pastel be able to differentiate the deposit for VAT purposes as some deposits will be for 15% invoices and others for 14% invoices.

If Yes, then my other question: The customer account is setup using balance forward and not open item....... Would I have to change the customer to open item for pastel to able to know that payment is for a 14%/15% invoice ?

We dont have many clients using the payments basis + invoicing. I just want to make sure we do this right the first time.


The way it should work, in my small brain, is that the VAT on the invoice is allocated to a VAT provision account and moved to the VAT control account only when the receipt is captured.

Could it be that when linking the deposit to an invoice that pastel will move VAT based on the date of the invoice using the open item method. I know when you change from balance forward to open item your balance b/f becomes a open item. Could this be whats causing the problem ?