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Thread: Pastel Partner in the cloud

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    Pastel Partner in the cloud

    So we do 7 companies ( all the same owner) on Pastel partner.

    Now I have bought one company from him and i still want to do these 6 companies on Partner but for my company I need access to and my partner and staff at another location.

    So which Pastel solution would cater for this cloud application so that we can process from different locations on to the same set of books.

    The current version is partner 14.2.2.

    If possible suggest a solution and if you can supply it a price please.

    if anything is unclear please ask.

    Have a good day!

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    Why don't you set up a VPN / Terminal Services connection to the server?

    That will allow you to process on the same package, from wherever you might be, provided you have an internet connection.
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    You can try good vpn service like purevpn or express vpn

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    Hi Mal, to answer your question directly it is this sage package which "works from the cloud": I also remember a conversation I had with an acquaintance that used to work for Sage. She said that there was a very good accounting software out there which Sage is trying to compete with (when it comes to the cloud): . She said it is beautiful and excellently designed. I've not used it myself.

    Otherwise, I agree with Neville's suggestion: It's the simplest solution without having spend anything. Also, just keep in mind, (although I'm sure you already know this), whenever something is "in the cloud" it basically means your data is sitting on somebody elses server. You simply access your data now via the internet. I myself don't like that at all.

    For anyone that doesn't know what "the cloud" really is, here's a funny little video:

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    For anyone that doesn't know what "the cloud" really is, here's a funny little video:
    Loved it. Thanks Michelle.
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    Hi Mal

    if you go the sage one route, they should be able to do a data conversion free of charge

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