An employer, for business reasons, split a salary of anemployee between 3 companies.
The employee goes on maternity leave and wants to claim UIFbenefits.
Per DoL she is entitled to claim benefits from all three companies.
She then finds out that the one (new) company has not beenregistered for UIF yet at Dept of Labour. Yet they deduct UIF from her salary monthly.
She approaches the Directors to ask them if they can pay herthe equivalent of what she would have received for maternity benefits from DoL.
They agree, but states that shemust still claim within the 6-month period (as per UIF legislation) and then refundthe company once she receives the UIF benefits.
(All of this is said at a meeting / nothing confirmed in writing).

What if the UIF disallows the claim / or if the company isstill not registered in time before the 6 months lapses?
Who is then at fault – the company – for not registering for UIF in time? Can they still expect her to refund the “benefit”they have paid her?
Can she requestthis to be put in writing? And what ifshe leaves the employ before the benefits is paid back to her… must she still paythe company back?

Is all of the above even her concern?
Should the employer not just sort this out and see it as a businessexpense for not registering the company for all taxes from the start?