Morning All

Pastel Xpress v11 in use
Company year end is 28 February.
VAT changing to 15% w.e.f. 1 April.
Company is commercial landlord, 11 tenants, 5-year leases, etc., so 15% applicable to April rental.
Client always raises invoice in the month prior to the month for which rental is being charged.
Client uses 13th period, i.e. March for processing which becomes the first period of the new year.

Client's bookkeeper raised April 2018 rental invoices in March period (#13) with 14% VAT, dated 28 March and sent invoices to tenants.

My suggestion was to credit the invoices in the year to 28 February 2018, update all batches, run the year end, change the VAT rate to 15% and raise the invoices for April rental dated 1 April.

Bookkeeper has credited invoices in 2018 year, I have backed up and run the year end.

However, when I check the first period of the new (2019) year, only the March credit notes reflect in the GL. The original incorrect March invoice are not showing.

I am not a Pastel expert so I expect I have not ticked a box somewhere.

To complicate matters, there has just been a death in the Bookkeeper's family so I am holding the fort.

Any help much appreciated.