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Thread: Pastel foreign currencies

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    Pastel foreign currencies

    I have a foreign customer paying us in USD. What is the best solution for this in pastel?
    I would imagine to just create an invoice for the amount in ZAR for my records and manually create an invoice in USD for the clients copy.

    Many thanks


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    If you are using Partner (not Xpress) you can purchase the Multi-Currency module which will allow you to process transactions in multiple currencies. It will also calculate profits and losses on FOREX transactions.

    If you don't want to purchase the module, you will need to track the foreign transactions outside of Pastel.
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    Hi Cath,
    I know there are quite a few options for creating invoices in foreign currencies. I actually work with Debitoor invoicing software, and you can easily create an invoice and just select which currency you would like to work with. So if you wanted the client to receive the invoice in USD you can easily adjust it under "more options"

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