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    Pastel Xpress | Job Costing | Service Management

    Hi there

    I am currently using Pastel Xpress. We provide services for which each service has a reference number, in this case a "container number". Is there a function in Pastel Xpress which could allow me to link each customer invoice to a "container number", and then link that same container number to a supplier invoice to accurately keep track of the "containers" done for each customer, as well as the cost of each container to the various suppliers ?

    For example, I invoice customer ABC for container number TGHU 1234567 - R1000
    I then create a supplier invoice at a later time to supplier ABC for TGHU 1234567 - R500

    A report would then generate reflecting that the "profit" for TGHU 1234567 is R500

    Is there somethign which could perhaps be purchased to ingetrate with pastel, or is there perhaps a feature within Pastel that coudl allow this?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated

    thank you

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    Jobsys. Works with Pastel Partner not too sure with Express. Google it!!

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    You can use the basic Project Code functionality in Xpress to track the profitability of your containers.

    There is also a more advanced Project Tracker module which can be purchased as an add-on module for Partner (not Xpress).
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