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Thread: Running cable in cornice???

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    Running cable in cornice???

    Anyone see a problem with running cable behind cornice (or ceiling coving as it also known)

    Reason being - doing a rewire in a flat revamp - concrete ceiling + steel reinforced structural pillars + parquet flooring to be reused (so no chasing floors).

    Existing conduit routes not viable in many places as new door ways have been made (loosing switch drops and socket points), opening have been cut in and some of the conduits are rotten.

    Client doesn't like PVC cornice trunking (high end flat and it does look kak compared to the rest of the planned finish)

    So that leaves false ceilings (which has to happen in 2 places but they are trying to avoid this because of cost and the look) and running being cornice

    Don't see a problem with it myself only going to be max or 2 cables in there. Clip them to the wall and cornice to hide afterward.

    Unless I chase all the walls at ceiling level I see no other way. I guess they would be considered as "clipped direct"

    I really hate domestics.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by skatingsparks View Post
    I really hate domestics.....
    Awww c'mon, you know you don't mean that.
    Maybe wait for conformation from one of the guys better clued up on domestic installation than me but I don't know of any reg that would forbid it and I don't see any real difference between using actual cornice as containment as opposed to cornice trunking. I'd suggest maybe for the purpose of calcs the reference method of in trunking might be better rather than clipped direct which relies on the cooling effect of free air.


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