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Thread: Education now a class issue.

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    Education now a class issue.

    Oh yes. Progress. Sorry, a rather backhanded example, but right now I'll take almost anything.
    Twelve years into a democratic South Africa access to education had not improved, said the South African Democratic Teachers Union (Sadtu) on Wednesday.

    Sadtu president Willie Madisha said: "In the 1980s, the issue was about race, but now it's a class matter.

    "The only black children who go to the best schools are those who can afford them."
    Willie. I'm with you man. The sooner we get off the race ride and get down to helping the folk who really need it, the better.

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    There is one easy solution to the education and hospital crises in this country. Make a law that states all goverment officials children have to attend the local goverment school in their areas, this is from central goverment down to munciple workers. When a family member gets sick they would have to go to the local goverment hospital.
    I think the schooling and hospital issues would clear up over night.
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