Good day members of Forum SA, not sure where this should be posted so I hope admin will accept it in this general chat section.

I am hoping some of the legal eagle members would be able to shed some light on this matter.

A very close friend of might had an interim protection order served on him last month with the return date for 7th March 2018. The interim order was obtained following a full out with a neighbor. He contacted a friend who is an attorney who offered to defend him on the return date Pro Bono as he is in financial difficulty at the present time.

My friend has a terminal illness and his pro bono attorney is insistent that he make mention in his defending affidavit of his terminal illness. My friend is a very proud person and wishes to keep his illness out of court papers as he does not want to use his illness to soften the court.

His pro bono attorney friend has now this morning turned around and said there is then a conflict of interest and shall therefore no longer represent him on the 7th March 2018. Kindly note that the pro bono attorney has not come on record as hos attorney but has been drafting the affidavits etc in preparation for the defence. It seems the pro bono attorney has found a loop hole to turn a back on the matter and walk away and thereby leaving my friend to defend himself in court next week.

I would like some advice from those legal eagles on this group as to how my friend would go about requesting a postponment of the hearing so as to enable my friend to find a new attorney to represent him.

Family and friends are rallying funds together to pay for a new attorney. We are also clueless of which attorneys to approuch in Cape Town who are experienced on handling court actions such as these.

Any and all advice is welcomed.

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