As a new member, here is my first post, and I will appreciate some help here please.
I had my aircon pump and what goes with it re renewed by an aircon shop-non Merc agent. When my car was delivered to me, I only noticed the next day when I wanted to use the car that there was a puddle of oil under the car.
After closer inspection I found that the Tranny oil cooler pipes where not fitted properly to the Radiator , the pipes where not pushed in all the way past the retainer clips and the oil was pouring out there. I called the aircon techie and he was very apologetic, I helped him fit the pipes properly and he offered to have the tranny oil filled and to clean up the mess.. He took the car from me, long story short, I organized to have the car have and tranny and engine oil and filters renewed by our local "GOOD" workshop--non Merc , in the same building complex . Long story short, after forking out 12k for the new aircon and 6k for the service, I go to collect the car.
The workshop owner now tells me the tranny is sometimes not engaging etc and it is buggered WHAT ! ---- I twas perfect till now ??. So I take the car and try it out----tranny stays in a low gear and doesn`t shift up and some times doesn't engage at a stop street, I go back to the workshop and talk nicely to the owner, but how is this possible ? He says these are sh$t cars and the tranny`s are very`` sh&t ``and and and he says the oil that came out was burnt and I must come have a look in the back of his workshop---he has boxes full of scrap from Merc Transmission. He says he has had many of these cars loaded onto lowbeds-straight to the scrapyards and it is not worth fixing ?Now I am CRYING !
Somebody please tell me there is a logical expatiation for this. Pleas please please :-( :-( :-(