Though boosting posts and running Facebook ad campaign seems pretty similar but they arenít same at all.
Besides, in FB ad manager the result depends on the campaign that you choose as you marketing objective.
A great part of Facebook is that we can make one on one conversation that doesn't get interrupted.
and if you look to the algorithm of Facebook engine its updating step by step, first they devolved this platform for organic promotion and making connection that Gathers some good potential Crowd.
Then day by day they are driving users for paid.
I won't say this is wrong because the concept they built, implemented it Right.
I would recommend you to run a Facebook ad campaign rather than boosting any particular post, there you will find some effective feature to get a successful promotion.
But before that you should be determined with your Marketing strategy whether itís on Facebook or any other platform
Please share your valuable opinion regarding this topic ,that would make this conversation more worthful.
Any meaningful contribution would be highly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.