I've been trawling my RSS feeds on a bit of a tidy up. One of the pleasures of IE7 is that comes with a built-in feedreader and, it seems, feeds from Microsoft.

Reading them from time to time has been fun. Like it's quite a relief to hear that Microsoft staff make much the same bungles with Microsoft Office as I do.

But this one is a scream:

Signs of viruses: Are you infected?
After you open and run an infected program or attachment on your computer, you might not realize that you've introduced a virus until you notice something isn't quite right.

Here are a few primary indicators that your computer might be infected:

• Your computer runs more slowly than normal

• Your computer stops responding or locks up often

• Your computer crashes and restarts every few minutes

• Your computer restarts on its own and then fails to run normally

• Applications on your computer don't work correctly

• Disks or disk drives are inaccessible

• You can't print correctly

• You see unusual error messages

• You see distorted menus and dialog boxes
Anyone running Windows recognise any of these symptoms