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Thread: Accounting packages kindly advise

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    Accounting packages kindly advise

    Hallo - new member to this forum. I need advice on the choice of accounting package (Novice myself) we have distribution/retail business with multiple warehouses and use Pastel Evolution at present - but had demo's on the following packages Multicat Fincon and Omni. We are leaning towards Omni for reasons of affordability and probably the consultant being clued up. (We decided that Pastel is to expensive and not userfriendly when it has to be used on all levels of an operational business with retail outlets)
    Any good advise for us? Will be highly appreciated.

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    Have you looked at Pastel Partner (which is a lot more affordable than Pastel Evolution)?

    Give me a call or email me if you would like to discuss Partner in more detail.

    My number is 082 456 7881.
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    We use Quickbooks. But Quickbooks is only if you are going to be working on the system yourself as things can be changed. I looked at Pastel and as you said it is not user-friendly, although seems pretty good.

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