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Thread: 5A Unswitched Circuits

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    5A Unswitched Circuits

    Hi Guys

    I need advise on light circuits wired with unswitched 5A round plugs.

    A light circuit are wired with 5A unswitched plugs . Lets say 5 recess florescent light fittings to be plug in.
    Ho do i record it on the coc? What if i have a fan also plugged in on the circuit with a 5a unswitched plug?
    Is it a mixed circuit ,yes or no ? I know when something plug in ,it is regarded as not part of the installation ?

    Appreciate your advise.


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    Would mark it on the coc as a light point - only one fitting per socket - Fan may not be plugged into a 5 amp socket.
    If something is plugged in and the cord is clipped to the skirting , or through a wall , or longer than 3m , then it is part of the fixed installation ( ed 2 )
    I have pasted a discussion below that I had previously -

    Question was – Can you connect a bathroom type fan to the light fitting in a bathroom –

    If we look at – It refers to the fan incorporated into a luminaries – in this case you can protect by earth leakage and ignore the isolator

    Then back to – Every fixed appliance shall be supplied through a switch disconnector – The fan being referred to in the question was a “stand alone type fan” and therefore would need an isolator ( ELU will not be allowed ) – A lighting circuit may use a socket complying with SANS 164-3 (b) supplies one luminaries only –* I read this as saying that only luminaries can be fed from a 6 amp socket and not fans .

    6.16.4 – Heaters appliances for heating and cooling – note 3 includes extraction and ventilation fans – refers to dedicated circuits over 16Amp – so would assume that small extraction fans could go onto a mix loaded circuit as long as it has an isolator – basically states that you may not use a double pole c/breaker to act as the isolator in the D/board* for the extract fan – allows for mixed loading of non dedicated single phase circuits not rated above 20 amps and may feed luminaries and fixed appliances*

    The answer – Yes you may connect the fan to the luminaries circuit as long it is fed by an isolator , taking into account,* and that the circuit is labelled as mixed loaded in the DB

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