Hi guys, i want to expand my business, so i need ideas that will make a lasting impression on clients and prospects. I have already established by business and build a reputation for our company. But now i want to turn it into a brand. I have been browsing through most topics in this forum and they gave me wonderful ideas of expanding my business further than the Johannesburg and Gauteng area.

Services i offer can benefit most start-up and small businesses. But my target market is not only limited to businesses. That is the main reason i want to expand to other areas. We offer Quality graphic designs services that give businesses credibility. A picture is worth a thousand words and our designs tell memorable a story. But now i need an idea that will give me that one chance to make a first impression.

Lasting impressions equal referrals from customers and the audience in general. Someone can refer your services to another person even if they never used your services themselves. But because they were captured by the message, they can tell others who need services you provide about your business. People grow over the years after they were born; i also want my business to grow after it was established.

People need food and water in order to grow, and businesses need marketing and great ideas in order to grow. After reading some of your posts, i feel like i have been depriving my business the opportunity to grow even if it has a lot to offer. Yes i can use social media, blogs PPC marketing and all other marketing techniques i see posted on this forum, but first impressions count most. You can spend thousands on marketing and the other person can spend 0 and receive more business than you just because of the impression the implanted on their customers mind.

I offer services such as graphic designs, print works, video editing and videography, photography and 3D logos. To summarize, i create digital content and i have sample projects uploaded on my site so that clients can see my portfolio. But because we only have one chance to make a lasting impression, i need guidance.
But i think you will need to have a look at my site in order to see why the time has come to expand because when opportunity knocks, you have to answer or you may lose something great.
My site: www.focusstudio.co.za

All thoughts are welcome as there is nothing such as a stupid idea in the business world. You can ask multi-millionaires who were once told their ideas where stupid.