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Thread: Unauthorised debit orders

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    Unauthorised debit orders

    Last year you discussed unauthorised debit orders and it was mentioned that the banks were going to institute a verification system to stop this.

    Well it definitely has not been instituted.

    Clientele life sucked debit orders from our account with the incorrect information.
    Key suspect would be a Standard Bank employee giving out dormant and unused account details - how else would the information be obtained.

    Is Standard Bank interested - sure they are..... in avoidance and duck and dive techniques.
    Is clientele interested - well they reacted rather smartly to fraud threats and promised return of all amounts immediately.

    On review I found this on the web from a standard wank manager type- "A debit order is not a contract between the account holder and the bank, and the bank is not a party to the agreement at all,"

    If this is true - why do they charge a commission fee?
    Furthermore - why will they refuse to reverse those commission fees considering they processed an illegal transaction.

    Clientele - Well they wanted me to prove that the account was mine - I asked them why they had not done that check up front?
    You guessed it - they do not have an answer.
    Furthermore they will not give you enough information to process a charge at the police station.
    Corporation cover ups.....a bad sign we not going to win this one easily.
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    Maybe try the insurance AND banking ombudsman. As far as I know one can easily instruct the bank to reverse unauthorised debit orders. I recently did that myself and it worked. Then the onus to proof that it was indeed authorised shifts to Clientèle Life... If I am not mistaken payment systems providers penalise people who have too many DO reversals too.
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    I get the impression that Clientele Life are inundated with this story. The bank reversed this months and last months debit orders - they can go back 40 days.
    But neither will take on the onus to prove.
    I have had dealings with the banking ombudsman - he is just a paid lackey working for the banks - no success will ever be achieved there.
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    I hear the four Brit-ish banks are in for a 60 million sew for property theft. Have a look at the youtube fractional reserve banking video's. It seems the intention is to force every one in some sort of a contract to gain manipulation powers, that is why you have trouble getting any kind of service unless you take out a contract.

    The problem is that fraud is not fraud if the banks simply buy the justice system. Even if the banks are given a fine, they just create the money out of thin air by typing the amount (any amount) - and YOU have to pay for it because it becomes your debt. How else does a currency get to be 14 to 1 to another also plundered to bankruptcy currency. It means the whole colony of south africa's currency was printed over 14 times !

    And just btw, south africa is not a country, because who was the founding nation ? ! Within it's borders there are 5 countries, hence south africa is an illegal British colony in violation with the UN's 1960's resolution where all British colonies the world over was returned self-governance. All was, except the Boers, because there is gold and other resources here.
    In the same way the colony of south africa is not a republic, because a republic is only a republic if those the country belongs to governs the country, and it has nothing to do with the British Westminster system, or democracy.

    If you think south africa is not a British colony, then why is everything here British, British banks, British mines, British political voting system, British justice system etc etc etc. Even the "Afrikaner" and the ANC were British created.

    Like David Icke says, NOTHING you think it is, is what it is. Not even your religion.

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    congratulations. well done.

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