South Africa is a beautiful multicultural and multiethnic society that boasts of one of the most diversified cultures and languages in the world. There are a lot of fun and interesting things about South Africa that most people donít know. Jumia Travel shares 5 interesting things most people donít know about South Africa.

In South Africa, You are Legally Allowed to Attach Flamethrowers to Your Car to Deter Car-Jacking
Yes, you read that right. Thereís little or no statistics on the success rate of this car protection strategy, but it is a legal thing to do in South Africa.

The Continental Drift
It is believed that every year, South Africa moves about two inches farther away from South America as part of the subtle continuation of a continental drift.

The Highest Commercial Bridge Bungee Jump in the World Can Be Done in South Africa
The bridge is located in the heart of the Garden Route, is situated 216 metres above the Bloukrans river and forms part of the N2 highway connecting Cape Town with Durban. There is a space under the bridge for people to stand when performing the bungee jump.

South Africa Has Three Capital Cities
Most people call Johannesburg the capital of South Africa mainly because it is the largest and most financially important city in South Africa, but they are wrong. South Africa actually has three capital cities: Pretoria, Cape Town and Bloemfontein. Pretoria is the administrative capital of the country, Bloemfontein is the judicial capital and Cape Town in the legislative capital.

The First Ever Heart Transplant Was Carried Out in South Africa
It was carried out at the Groote Schuur hospital in Cape Town. The surgeon who performed the operation was Christian Barnard and it was done in 1967. The operation was considered successful though the patient died 18 days later from double pneumonia, but the patientís body had not rejected the heart.