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Thread: Pension Unclaimed Benefits

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    Pension Unclaimed Benefits

    Hi all,
    I'm not sure if this is the right forum to post on, but I cannot seem to find any other sites on Google.

    I received a phone call from a tracing agent saying that a pension fund company has been looking for me as apparently I am a beneficiary of an unclaimed benefit.
    I worked for this company +20 years ago and completely forgot that I even had a pension fund with them (I was around 20 years old then).

    Apparently when I left this company all those years ago, they never informed the pension fund that I had resigned and apparently the funds have been growing ever since.

    Can anyone tell how this will work in terms of being paid out, am I the beneficiary even though I left the company and they never bothered informing the fund all those years back?

    The pension fund has sent me the forms to fill in which I will do tomorrow and hand deliver, but if the above is true and correct then I am super excited.

    Any input would be great as I was never expecting anything like this to happen.


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    Many pension funds have unclaimed benefit beneficiaries that they are struggling to trace.

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    If you are handing the forms to the official pension fund, and verified that it is the official fund by doing some research, then it is genuine.

    My father in law and uncle were in similar positions, and did receive these funds.
    Just make sure you are dealing with the pension fund directly.
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