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Thread: Hot water problem

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    Hot water problem

    About a month ago, my geyser tripped my main leakage switch on the circuit board. A plumber came and replaced the element and thermostat and an electrician came and bypassed the municipal geyser /electricity setting.

    Ever since, I only get about 3 minutes of hot water, after which it progressively goes colder. In about 6 minutes it's only child water coming out.

    The element and thermostat has been replaced twice and the pressure valve outside my unit as well. There doesn't seem to be a leak anywhere either. Yet still my problem continues.

    Any advice would be appreciated since the plumbers are all at a loss as to how to fix this. Is this a electrical problem? A geyser problem? Please help?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nucleo View Post
    ............and an electrician came and bypassed the municipal geyser /electricity setting.............
    I don't understand this part, can you explain exactly what the electrician did.

    It sounds like one of 3 things is happening.

    Either the thermostat isn't working or isn't set properly and it's cutting out much too soon.
    Or there's a power problem like a burned wiring connection causing the geyser to get intermittant supply
    Or there's a problem with hot water constantly flowing either through a tap, pipe leak or a TP valve leak. The TP valve leak is a good one because it usually flows through a pipe into a gutter where nobody can see it.

    TP valve; Click image for larger version. 

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