I submitted my VAT return with diesel rebate on the 24th and noted that the diesel rebate I received today was exactly R60.00 less than it should be. I called SARS and was told that it was 'shorts' in the rebate amounts from 2014/12 onwards (eg. R4.44 for 2014/12, R3.26 for 2015/01 and so forth).

Before I submitted my VAT the statement of account was a very nice R0.00 (nothing outstanding nor owed). Then suddenly by merely submitting my VAT for 2017/06 SARS decided that there was a short going back nearly 3 years and posted a bunch of journals adding up to the R60.00 the very same day.

I was informed that I should query it by e-mailing a letter, giving them 21 days turnaround time to answer. Don't think it will do any good though.

I have a previous e-mailed letter (interest requested on their late payment of a VAT refund) for which the 21 days lapsed and the escalating query's 21 days also lapsed.

Is SARS perhaps taking small amounts from the 'little guys' (a bunch of 'little guys' will add up to a lot) to be able to meet their obligations in the hope that we won't notice?