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Thread: Employers requested to resubmit IRP5 Data

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    Employers requested to resubmit IRP5 Data

    SARS has issued a notice to certain employers to update their easyfile software and resubmit their IRP5 data due to issues relating to the Retirement Reform and certain field not pre-populating correctly.

    Please note that only affected employers were notified and requested to resubmit.

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    As the notice you receive from SARS does not intimate what company has triggered the notice, for those who attend to multiple companies here's a quick heads-up -

    With the focus of the announcement being on the introduction of Retirement Reform, I nearly missed that folk with a travel allowance are affected.

    Otherwise, apart from a moment's tension when you have to answer whether to populate the return with data from SARS and you wonder if it's going to undo all the other data you might have entered in the EMP501 return, it was a quick and painless process to do the full re-submission.

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