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    This is probably a topic that has been discussed at several occasions but I would like to have a fresh new discussion on it.

    IMO there are two key role players that are seriously over complicating new business in South Africa. They are Government and Financial Institutions (Banks)

    Are government introducing new systems and laws that are counter productive for a the growth of new business and reduction of unemployment in South Africa?

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    How are financial institutions over-complicating new business in South Africa?

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    I wouldn't say financial institutions are over complicating things, rather keeping up with fraud and modern technology.

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    I realise you asked about south africa.I do not think you can say that this is a african problem anymore.
    Yes we have our reasons such as the mass corruption.
    New officials being exposed everyday for wasting tax money, claims that the country is actually run by the guptas and all the controversy that goes with that.
    A failing education system and economy.
    The automization of so industries that once required a vast amount of man power.
    A youth that has grown resentful of the government and even the public and feels entitled to have what the corrupt have.
    The rest of the world may not have the same CAUSES exactly, but most countries have increases in unemployment. i do believe that it boils down to one thing.
    The rich are becoming richer, the moral decline of men that shamelessly steal and deny another man any opportunity for his own benefit, NOW these men have always existed but the diffrence in our time is that we are lacking are the men in power who used to fight it,

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