It was a bit of a bumpy road, but I eventually managed to file my personal tax return via SARS' new efiling system. I had far fewer issues last year with the older system, but I can see how the new system enables them to do a couple of extra things.

The main problem that I had was IE7 kept crashing when I tried to "Save Online" of "File".

The new system opens up an Adobe Acrobat document within your browser, which you can then complete. During the process you can click "Save Online" to save your progress, or "File" when you are complete.

When I was working in IE7 clicking on either of these crashed the browser, and did not save anything online. I normally work in FireFox, but the new eFiling system seems to like IE more, so I typically do my eFiling in IE (although it does work in FireFox).

After failing a second time I tried it out on FireFox. The way I have my FireFox setup, it opens Acrobat documents outside of the browser in a new acrobat window, so I wasn't sure how things would work out. I filled in the form and managed to "File" it. There was an error message (something about the character set) which popped up, so I wasn't too sure if it went through okay.

I went back to eFiling and saw that the return was now ready for submission (yay, progress!). Just to make sure everything was saved correctly, I opened it again, and all the info was still there.

Submitted it, just got to wait for my IT34 now.

Little bit of a challenge (more than I expected) but got through it okay.