We have seen numerous people in trouble for social media posts. Recent developments have seen Facebook used for service and the blue ticks in Whats App as evidence.

When can you the employee take action?

Can you look through the employee's personal email?

Is an sms allowed as evidence?

Employee productivity may fall due to social media misuse and cyber bullying in the workplace is growing.

This introductory seminar explores the risks you may face, how to limit the risk exposure and how to handle disciplinary and evidentiary issues that may arise from misconduct.


Constitutional Rights
Vicarious Liability
Brand damage
Social media misconduct
Monitoring Communications
Technology Evidence
Mitigating the risks


Overview of the applicable legislation

The potential of reputational harm and liability for employee actions

The importance of policies and protocols

Intellectual property concerns

When can misconduct proceedings be instituted

Understanding monitoring rights and digital evidence

Our course runs on 2 June from 08h30 till 13h00, we would love to have you there.

The cost is only R 590 per person, including course material and refreshments.

You can email me on anthony@acumenholdings.co.za (or PM) for info or to book